Why angel wisdom cards?

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The Diamond Light frequency is the highest frequency you can be in.

We use Diamond Light in our Diamond Portals of Light Vibrational healing sessions. Just like there are many facets to you, there are many facets to Diamond Portals of Light Vibrational healing. One way it works is by healing any wounds that have been festering in your body or energy field.

The Diamond Light transforms the wounds when it comes in contact with them. In a manner similar to the way alchemy transforms one substance into another. However, the Diamond Light is a higher vibration and a finer frequency, so it can quickly get to hidden places to put them right. It is ever so loving, gentle, soothing and blissful.

For example, it can transmute a toxic emotion to a healthy emotion or a distorted cell to a healthy cell. I am the alchemist who sparks your innate healing wisdom—but it is you that effortlessly performs the final transformation of change.

I serve as the conduit for your healing by clearing a path for energy blocks and organs to repair, emotional trauma to heal and ultimately for you to attain your optimum health and balance of your being.

As your frequency gets higher and stronger we can go deeper and wider into your being until your Diamond Light is completely ignited and has a strong bright radiance.

Everyone has access to the Diamond Light. I am igniting it in the client. The reason it is called a portal is—I received the name through my channel. We have to go through a specific portal to be in the Diamond Light.

When we go through this portal we are in a huge field of a brilliantly, bright and clear healing frequency. It is similar to the Light, while the Diamond Light is an extremely high frequency. How I see it is your core light has a steady soft glow where as the Diamond Light is brilliant, vast and sparkles like diamonds.

It is the highest frequency and keeps us in a positive “win-win’ state of mind and body. It is the state one can reach from years of meditation. The crystal bowls, angels and masters can take you there. And they can do it quickly, without the years of meditation.

Like other forms of healing we have to be activated and practice holding this Light until it becomes part of us. That is my job as the healer-channel.

There are other lights that I use that are powerful in different ways, like the golden Christ light, which is for other purposes. It is 5th  Dimensional Light technology, which I also use.

In the Diamond Portals of Light Vibrational healing sessions I work with—you, your higher self, the Diamond Light, vibrational sound, the chakras, angels and the healing masters. Every person’s session is customized based on your needs.

The result? You’ll manifest your dream—to be and have an awesome life!


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