Why angel wisdom cards?

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Because they can help you transform your life in…

many delightful and profound ways. This is why I was guided to create The Angels Speak Wisdom cards.

When you have an Angels Speak wisdom card at your finger tips you have the opportunity, at any time, to have peace of mind and healing from stress and the chaos in the world!

A client asked me: Why would I want these cards and what can they do?

Brilliant. A great question.

The power of The Angels Speak wisdom deck is remarkable.

There are many reasons you’ll like these cards. Here are the top 6:

1. The energy of the angels is transmitted through the cards to you.

2. The cards are part of a larger mission I was given by spirit. In this mission, my purpose is to bring the ability to meet and communicate with angels to everyone on earth.  

The angel cards that are being birthed will introduce you to your own personal connection with the angelic realm.

The power of the angels lies in the fact that they are coming to you 1st with your earthly concerns so “we can talk to you where you are familiar”, as the angels put it.

It is like meeting someone new. In the best circumstances they meet you on common ground.

3. These cards work similarly to the energy of Oracle cards, they can connect to your energy. 

When you are working with these cards the angels are right there with you. Mainly because angels are most of the time always there with you waiting to be asked to assist.

Each of these angel images told me what their names were and the message they wanted me to deliver on their card. 

So when you ask a question or have an energy of need in your heart, they have the ability to hear you. 

As you draw your card, a particular angel guides you to choose their card because they know that their being and message can help you the most at that moment.   

4. The angels in these cards will stay with you to guide you to work through the situation you are focused on in the moment. This is why you can then begin to dialogue and communicate with them. 

That is what they are longing to do with you. They want to help free you from your suffering which has been inflicted on all of us on our planet and culture. 

Angels, like other benevolent light beings, can see the bigger picture of our lives. This is why they can guide us so exquisitely.

5. As you use these cards to connect with the angels,  you will feel so comforted and mellow. Just having the deck in your presence will be very healing.

6. The last big plus of this card deck is the beauty of the design. Each card has a truly heavenly appearance. You may want to have a different card displayed in every room. 

Since the cards were created to bring you Joy I have decided to bring back The Angels Speak pre sale package.

There are 54 unique angel images in the deck, all of which I photographed.

Each angel image includes a message for you that was given to me by the angel in the picture.  

To help you use the cards I created a special package included with your cards.

You will love this package because I will support you and walk beside you as you learn how to use the cards to connect and communicate with the angels.

For The Angels Speak card deck per sale package — go to the store page.

There you will find all the details for the fabulous pre sale package and three of the delightful angel cards from the deck.


Angel updates to be continued in my next blogs. With more samples of the exquisite cards.

Sending you angel love,

Sylvia Ra’hanah                                                                                                              (Ra’hanah means igniter of the light)


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