Individual session and private healing intensives to help you go to your next level in your life or have serious health issues or just want to feel better than you do.

Diamond Portals of Light Healing System

Enhance Your Divine Inner Light – Illuminate Your Soul’s Transformation

Heal your body. Awaken your heart. Express yourself fully.

Access your innate healing power

As a healer, I will help your physical and energetic bodies to access the innate healing power that is available to all of us.

This process may take time. Many people feel instantly better after a session; some may briefly feel worse before feeling better, while the energy is rebalancing. It is all part of the deep process that ultimately leads you to greater health and happiness.

Eliminate the toxic buildup in your energy field 

Disease typically stems from trauma, negative beliefs, or childhood wounds that cause an imbalance in your energy field. This leads to physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illness.

Symptoms generally manifest after years of being energetically out of balance with yourself and your environment. Diamond Portals of Light Healing can get rid of the toxic buildup in your energy field before it manifests in your life.

Benefit from several healing techniques

I use hands-on energy healing, Brennan Healing Science, including chakra and energy field balancing, as well as sound healing, energetic therapy and Akashic Record Reading. The healing modalities depends on the issues you are wish to transform. 

Individual Sessions

Sonic Bliss

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sessions

Sonic Bliss is the Ultimate Alchemical Re-Alignment session.

You will have a deep extraordinary experience that will take you to the top of your game—your most awesome self—in a Divine new way. Your body and soul will love these completely unique sessions. Your crystalline body will awaken. Sonic Bliss sessions are Diamond Portal sessions on steroids. They are the gold standard in healing.

$250 / session; in-person or over the phone


Your Diamond Self

Master Vibrational Healing

Create your brilliant life!

These deep cellular-DNA sacred Master healing sessions will:

  • Rejuvenate Your Body
  • Enhance Your Inner Light
  • Illuminate Your Soul’s Journey

Package of 6 sessions; in-person or over the phone


Your Awesome Life

A Transformation Intensive

This program is like summer camp for your wellbeing.

You’ll take a rapid and deep dive into the roots of your stuck issues. Transformation will occur at all three levels of your being: mind, body and soul. You’ll dissolve stubborn nagging problems that have been holding you back forever and emerge from this ten-week intensive, feeling filled with brilliant joy and ready to embrace all of your life again.

$2,200 / 10 weeks intensive



Allopathic medicine. The traditional Western approach treats symptoms to “cure” disease. In this paradigm, body parts are generally seen as isolated rather than part of an organic whole. Typically, there is an emphasis on a “quick fix,” rather like putting a Band-Aid over a problem rather than addressing its root cause. The practitioner prescribes treatment based on symptoms and does not necessarily engage the patient in the healing process.


Holistic healing. Holistic healers work with the whole person, not just the physical body. In this paradigm, we recognize the profound interconnection of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The intention of holistic healing is to address the root cause of a problem to help you return to your natural state of wholeness, balance, and harmony. A holistic healing practitioner works with the body’s innate healing wisdom and encourages the client to be proactive about healing and positive lifestyle changes. By using sound, your healing process is accelerated.

What are some benefits of Diamond Portals of Light Healing?

You cannot solve your problems at the frequency in which you created them.


Rejuvenate and restore Your Body
Alleviate pain
Prepare and recover from surgery
Repair damaged cells
Have great physical stamina
Regain full night sleep 
Become lighter and more positive. Miracles will happen!


Enhance Your Inner Light
Connect with and release damaging emotions
Release obstacles that block your happiness
Heal childhood wounds or traumas
Enjoy more fulfilling relationships
Navigate your life with grace and ease
Fully embrace your life with great joy!

Spiritual / Life Issues

Experience more positive relationships
Open your heart to love yourself
Heal your money problems
Find your authentic life’s work
Receive essential wisdom for your transformation
Embody high frequency transmissions

Whether you are ready to go to your next level in your life or have serious health issues or just want to feel better than you do, I can help you, either in person or over the phone. Energy knows no boundaries of time or space—I can work with you no matter where you are.

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