Coaching & Healing Sessions

Private coaching (guiding) and healing sessions or intensives for when you want help to get to the next level in your life, deal with a serious health issue, or just be Happy!!

Individual Sessions

Sylvia Moss sound healer

Love My Life

Coaching Sessions (Guiding)

Lighten up your life and bring back your joy! Take that huge Quantum Leap into who you truly are!

Essential for your life journey, spiritual path, and  evolution.

It all starts with love.

Release. Rewrite. Recreate.

Get unstuck! 

You have a pretty good life, right?

Maybe even a great life except for that one thing that will just not move.

Sometimes you feel like, “OMG this is never going to change or shift, I just have to accept this and live with it.”

Does this sound like you? I’ve been there many times and discovered….

Anything is possible! Anything!

Please repeat after me… Anything is possible!

You just have to have the right tools. Tools that are known to work for others.

Tools that work

With the effective tools you receive in your Love My Life Coaching sessions you’ll have the ability to easily move through your challenges and dilemmas, not with effort, strategies, or mindset tricks, but by simply calling upon the help, guidance, and wisdom that lives deep within you— your higher self, future self, the angelic realm, and your soul.

This unique multi level process affects your entire life.

As you’re able to handle challenges with ease you’re more relaxed, healthier, have a more positive outlook on your daily life.

Your relationships with others shift. You become more of the evolved version of yourself.

The possibilities are endless. 

The process is not only painless—it’s great fun. It’s even Joyful!

What client’s say:

After Sylvia’s caring coaching sessions, it is easier for me to make decisions.

I’m happier, more optimistic and adventurous then I was before. I am less fearful or trapped in my old ways.

Life is definitely more interesting and I see more possibilities now. I’m very excited for my next session to discover what these new possibilities will be for me and my life.—Maya

This is possible because…

In this unique new offer you will work on a specific issue, discover how to reverse it very gently and easily with the tools I’ve developed that include:

  • Love
  • Release negative beliefs that don’t work
  • Create new positive beliefs
  • Rewrite your life story
  • Guided visualizations
  • Create actions or practices for you to use between sessions
  • Sound and Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls

These are from some of the best and most effective elements of my 30 years practice which include….

  • Lifeworks Guiding (feminine version of coaching)
  • Creator of Diamond Portals of Light Haling System
  • Vibrational Sound healing
  • Energetic Therapy
  • Angelic Alchemy 
  • Sacred High Vibrational Frequency Sound Bath Activations

Which were all developed from my trainings as a…

  • Brennan Healing Science practitioner, graduate
  • LifeWorks Training Program, graduate
  • Transformational Energetics therapist, graduate
  • Counselor of Light Akashic reader, graduate
  • Alchemy Crystal Singing bowl master
  • Divine University, Universal Healer Emissary

As a graduate of the Lifeworks Guidess Training (feminine version of coach) I have 15 years experience guiding and leading workshops for this cutting edge organization..

Add to this mix is my life journey— to bring you a gentle, supportive, empowering system that takes you to your next level more rapidly, yes sometimes really fast.

My personal journey to unstuck and love

When I’ve had painful stuck times in my life, I would work on my problems or upsets with the tools I knew and had been using with clients. Guess what happened?

Yes, everything shifted. Things moved, magic happened, miracles came to pass. It was quite phenomenal. I’m now able to turn myself around in a few minutes. I still have my feelings. I just don’t stay in my upsets. The longest it sometimes takes me is a day or two.

I’m much more productive and happier. I know that anything is possible and I can pull myself out of things. I used to be a drama queen, lots of sobbing. Not anymore. I’m happy and Love My Life even when I have challenges

After observing and listening to many people’s longings and desires I realized I can’t just offer vibrational healing, sound baths, and high spiritual activations. It’s time to bring you this deep process, because if I can do it so can you!.

In this new offer you get your life back fast! You easily get unstuck and fsll in love with your Life!

The energy of Love My Life guiding/coaching sessions can be addictive and bring you great joy due to the energies you discover within you. 

$555. Intro Package.of 3 sessions (Price will increase to $999 Nocvember 11)

Each 70 minute private session can be received weekly or every other week by phone or on Zoom.

*Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls close each session which is blissful.

Each session can be recorded.

3, 6, and 12 month packages are available.

*Crystal Tones’ Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls


With Sylvia as my coach/guide, I am able to be in the moment more and make choices easier, without worrying about the future.

I am much more living in my feelings & perceptions of the moment & enjoying all of them no matter how they feel.


Sonic Bliss

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sessions

Sonic Bliss is the Ultimate Alchemical Re-Alignment healing session.

You will have a deep extraordinary experience that will take you to the top of your game—your most awesome self—in a Divine new way. Your body and soul will love these completely unique sessions. Your crystalline body will awaken. Sonic Bliss sessions are Diamond Portal sessions on steroids. They are the gold standard in healing.

Initial session $275; follow-up sessions $250 per 90 minutes; In Person and On Zoom. Sessions can be recorded.

A few years with a talk therapist helped me attain the intellectual knowledge I needed to sort out my confusion and begin my healing process. But it wasn’t until I started working with Sylvia that healing could truly take hold. Her energy work went deeper, attending to pain and trauma that existed beyond the memory of my mind, but in the memory of my body. I am forever grateful to Sylvia for helping me reach and heal those places that once seemed unreachable but now no longer are.

Need Help Deciding Which Session is Right for you?

This powerful healing work is for those who are ready to raise their vibrational frequency and live a truly awesome life. To make sure this work is right for you, I offer new clients a Free 20 minute Clarity phone consultation – “From Pain to Bliss“!

Allopathic Medicine vs Holistic Healing

Old paradigm vs new paradigm


Allopathic medicine. The traditional Western approach treats symptoms to “cure” disease.

In this paradigm, body parts are generally seen as isolated rather than part of an organic whole.

Typically, there is an emphasis on a “quick fix,” rather like putting a Band-Aid over a problem rather than addressing its root cause.

The practitioner prescribes treatment based on symptoms and does not necessarily engage the patient in the healing process.


Holistic healing. Holistic healers work with the whole person, not just the physical body.

In this paradigm, we recognize the profound interconnection of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The intention of holistic healing is to address the root cause of a problem to help you return to your natural state of wholeness, balance, and harmony.

A holistic healing practitioner works with the body’s innate healing wisdom and encourages the client to be proactive about healing and positive lifestyle changes. By using sound, your healing process is accelerated.

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