After coaching with Sylvia, I am able to be in the moment more and make choices easier, without worrying about the future.

I am much more living in the feelings & perceptions of the moment & enjoying all of them no matter how they feel.


Since I’ve been coaching with Sylvia, I realize I can now be more in flow than I ever have been before in my life. This is life changing for me.

Sylvia is a very astute & smart relationship coach in her understanding of the larger dynamics of relationships.


Sylvia is an Angel Whisperer.
Linda Flint

entrepreneur and mentor

From Sylvia’s training, Angelic Alchemy, I feel much less weighted down by anxiety. Physically my body feels like it has released a lot of inflammation that was a result of poor coping mechanisms from college. My digestion has immensely improved and I have a lot more energy. Finally, I am less overwhelmed by challenges because I know I can call upon an angel to help guide me if I am stuck Old energy patterns are gone!

Katherine L.


Interacting with Sylvia “is like being in a Masterclass”. Sylvia Moss is an enlightened, inspiring spiritual teacher. She skillfully illuminates calmness and clarity, navigating life’s exciting adventures and
profound lessons. Her intuitiveness accessing higher awareness offers enriching tools helping her clients find joy and peace.

Susan Stackpole

YOUnique! Life Starring YOU! International Radio Show Creator & Host

Many people have played crystal singing bowls in my presence. When Ra’hanah (Sylvia) plays, I am immediately transported beyond my mind. I relax deeply, my body disappears and I am lifted higher and higher. In that place I pray for the music to never stop – a pure divine experience in the presence of a heart who has mastered the art.
AmaYa Ma Kumara

Spiritual Teacher & Akashic Record Reader - Divine University

Every time I speak to you on the phone, even if it’s a casual chat, I get some kind of healing effects soon after. You are something else! This last time that we talked, afterward I was doing my night time relaxation ritual and my energy field got huge, it expanded out all over my body. You are powerful!

Even though I’ve been doing my own healing routine for 52 years, all I have to do is talk to you and I get a big healing that leaves me relaxed and at ease. Thank you!


Transformational Energetics Arts Founder

Sylvia Moss is an extraordinarily gifted healer—a compassionate and deep listener who is also highly intuitive and wise. The quintessential Wise Woman, she is kind and straightforward and approaches things with a gentle sense of humor. During every session, I have always had a powerful and distinct sense that she is not working alone but that a circle of angels, spirit guides, and higher beings are present around the table and assisting in the healing process. I come away from every session with a profound sense of well-being, clarity, centeredness and perspective, as well as with a sense of the Bigger Picture and my place in it.

Elizabeth Mailer


A few years with a talk therapist helped me attain the intellectual knowledge I needed to sort out my confusion and begin my healing process. But it wasn’t until I started working with Sylvia that healing could truly take hold. Her energy work went deeper, attending to pain and trauma that existed beyond the memory of my mind, but in the memory of my body. I am forever grateful to Sylvia for helping me reach and heal those places that once seemed unreachable but now no longer are.


Sylvia saved my life after back surgery. Thank you.

Maureen Walsh

Business owner and Teacher

WOW!!! What an Amazing Friday night to celebrate the New Moon in Sagittarius. It was very grounding and it took me to another realm of zen. She brought in the energies of Kwan Yin, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Feminine and gold light consciousness. We were immersed in the beautiful ethereal sounds of crystal bowl frequencies!:))

The best part was Sylvia let us play her bowls afterwards!:))) It was so much fun!!:) Each crystal bowl has its own unique sound and frequency! I left her place feeling bliss and happy. The pain I felt earlier on the right side of my face has lessened. Blessings with Love and Joy to Sylvia for her beautiful crystal bowl sound Activations and sharing her wisdom!:)))

Anna D.

Divine Light Sound bath participant

After years of crippling arthritic pain, my first session with Sylvia gave me relief from pain and swelling.

Lisa DuMont


Sylvia’s masterful energy work helps me transform my anger and many heartaches into free-flowing and loving energy.

Michelle M.

Practitioner of Brennan Healing Science

No quote can sum up Sylvia’s extraordinary gift’s as a healer, but I can say that after each session I felt lighter, more grounded and willing to face life’s, joys, sorrows, and mysteries.

Willard C.

writer and teacher

Because of my weak condition, our work began over the phone while I rested at home. The energy work was extraordinary and the following morning the pain was finally gone.

W. Krueger

Feng Shui consultant and sculptor

To Sylvia’s powerful healing craft she brings compassion, imagination, creativity, honesty, openness, clarity, gentleness, strength, wisdom, and of course, a large and loving heart. Her use of sound is extraordinary and indescribable. She is a true healer. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Katherine E. Rabenau

Reiki master

I highly recommend this beautiful invigorating Advanced Sound Bath with Sylvia Moss!!! I came in tired from the work week and felt very refreshed after the healing Sound Bath. It was a wonderful way to end the week ….. and connect with the Divine Feminine energy! I so look forward to the next one in December!!

Anna D.

Divine Light Sound bath participant

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