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The Angels Speak – Wisdom Deck

This beautifully-designed deck of channeled angel messages can be used in your morning ritual as a daily divination deck, healing tool, or to inspire your transformation.

Coming this fall will be a bright new live global class where Sylvia will give angel readings with the cards.

Angels of New York Book

A meditative photographic journey through New York City.

Experience the sublime beauty of the Angels of New York with exquisite images and writings of acclaimed photographer and author, Sylvia Moss. Angels of New York invites us to bask in the healing majesty of Gabriel, Michael, and the myriad other angels that grace New York City.

The book is not only a dynamic art and architecture book it is also a spiritual book. Meditate with these angels in quite reflection to still your mind, calm your body, and feed your soul. It can be enjoyed for its sheer beauty, or can be used as a portal to a calmer more present and peaceful life.

Wake Up Women

Wake Up Women delivers powerful female wisdom from women with expertise in all areas of life, including career, relationships, and spirituality.

In her chapter Money & Me, Sylvia Moss relates the story of her lifelong struggle with financial issues and how she finally overcame them. At the end of the chapter, she then shares a few “golden nuggets”—simple steps intended to help readers work on their relationship with money and find their own path to financial ease and abundance.

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