Raise your frequency Transform your life

Facilitator of 5th dimensional transformation

Vibrational sound healing

Don’t live another day enduring aches and pains, feeling stressed, lost and disconnected from your self.

Heal your body. Awaken your heart. Be awesome.

Raise your frequency – see your life transform.

Meet Sylvia (Ra’hanah) Moss

Visionary, Crystalline Vibrational Sound Healer & Transformational Activator

“No matter what your situation, You can turn it around. You can have greater physical health, emotional comfort, spiritual connection and a fabulous life.

Interacting with Sylvia “is like being in a Masterclass"

Sylvia Moss is an enlightened, inspiring spiritual teacher. She skillfully illuminates calmness and clarity, navigating life’s exciting adventures and
 profound lessons. Her intuitiveness accessing higher awareness offers enriching tools helping her clients find joy and peace.

Susan Stackpole
YOUnique! Life Starring YOU! International Radio Show Creator & Host

Healing of what once seemed unreachable

A few years with a talk therapist helped me attain the intellectual knowledge I needed to sort out my confusion and begin my healing process. But it wasn’t until I started working with Sylvia that healing could truly take hold. Her energy work went deeper, attending to pain and trauma that existed beyond the memory of my mind, but in the memory of my body. I am forever grateful to Sylvia for helping me reach and heal those places that once seemed unreachable but now no longer are.


Sylvia is a true healer

To Sylvia’s powerful healing craft she brings compassion, imagination, creativity, honesty, openness, clarity, gentleness, strength, wisdom, and of course, a large and loving heart. Her use of sound is extraordinary and indescribable. She is a true healer. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Katherine E. Rabenau
Reiki master

The energy work is extraordinary

Because of my weak condition, our work began over the phone while I rested at home. The energy work was extraordinary and the following morning the pain was finally gone.

W. Krueger
Feng Shui consultant and sculptor

Profound sense of well-being

I come away from every session with a profound sense of well-being, clarity, centeredness and perspective, as well as with a sense of the Bigger Picture and my place in it.

Elizabeth Mailer

Healing Sessions

Enhance Your Divine Inner Light – Illuminate Your Soul’s Transformation

Group Experiences

Online sound baths – High frequency activations

Healing Tools

Online store

Diamond Portals of Light

Vibrational Sound Healing System

Heal the wounds festering in your energy field through higher vibration and a finer frequency of Diamond Portals of Light

Message from the Angels

A special message to you at the request of the Angels, the gatekeepers of the Portal of the Diamond Light healing body of work

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