A special message to you at the request of the Angels

Even though you might not see them, angels are always present in your life. They are actively involved in the healing work I do with my clients. Which means angels commune with you and help you, if you simply ask them for help. Best of all, they support you in your manifesting and even interact with you and me when we work together in healing sessions.

These loving enlightened beings want you to know that they play an integral part in all the healing work I do with my clients, be it sound healing, 5th dimensional light work, or events.

To create a truly awesome life, it is important for you to live and be in the higher dimensions. Working with the angels will get you there.

I feel compelled to speak about this to you now. It is part of the ascension process that all those on a deep spiritual path are excited about.

Knowing that angels are active in your life and your healing sessions makes it possible for you to receive their transmissions consciously and interact with them on your own to create more happiness in your life.

When the angels join together with the enlightened masters, the whole group is known as the Family of Light. Enlightened or ascended masters are a group of super high frequency beings who have great wisdom and knowledge of the universe. They are spiritual teachers. Most have had other lifetimes on earth. The angels and Family of Light are active in most of the work I do with my clients.

In my private and group healing sessions, even though angels are present, I don’t always speak about them because I’m focused on other aspects of the healing work. For example, I may be focused on my client’s liver or food.

Whether I speak about the angels or not, it is important and exciting for session participants to know that angels are right there with us, in the room. In every healing session, I interact with angels and the Family of Light.

Additionally, they connect with each client, comforting and gently supporting them even as they assist me as I facilitate healing. It is much like a dance – we are all in flow to create a beautiful experience and profound result for you.

The angels take on other roles as well. They are the gatekeepers of the Portal of the exquisite Diamond Light healing energy and frequency I use.

And they guide me in all the art projects I do that are for your spiritual benefit!

They have asked me to also tell you to please tune into them on good and bad days. They can help your life flow with more grace and ease and help you create miracles.

Tuning in to the angels and living in high frequencies allows you to create an awesome life – a life that you love. Everything I do is designed to get you to that high frequency. That’s why I also use Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls. The bowls and the angels embody the same high vibrational frequency. I play the bowls in many of my sessions to open the portal to the angelic realms.
Stay tuned for more updates, events and products with the angels and archangels. 
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Remember! Angels are always by your side if you need them!

Sylvia Ra’hanah

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