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April 2019
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Sonic Sound Baths Salons | Listen Deeply & Beyond

Sacred Sonic Journeys – Awaken Your Crystalline Body!

Change and expand your frequency exponentially. Sonic Sound Baths, using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, bathe your cells and energy field in high frequency vibrations. You will feel and be lighter, have more energy, be calmer, and have a stronger spiritual connection.

Crystal Singing Bowl Jam Sessions

Ensemble Crystal Bowl Ensemble Playing

As you play a bowl, you will experience its transformative vibration. The transcending effect of this vibration will shift your entire being. After playing a few times, all of your life will become lighter and more positive. Miracles will happen!

Divine Light High Frequency Activation

With Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Experience complete bliss, feel expanded, energized, healthy, and as if you literally just had a bath in sparkling effervescent Divine Light. Find yourself in the highest frequency possible—the quantum potency of Light, it becomes part of you!

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