5 weeks mastery training

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Begins November 30

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Imagine feeling alive again?

Imagine if you loved yourself like you never have before, deepened and strengthened your radiant inner light, and lived from your brilliant passion? You will do just that in this new updated 5-week intensive course because this is you, a wondrous magnificent being who loves being you and living your life!

Who are you?

You are deep within you.

You may be asking yourself this question more often now. Most human beings have some obstacles in their life that stop them from knowing who they are on a deeper level. These obstacles create energetic veils around your chakras, core light, and energy field (aura). These veils shroud who you are.

In this training, The Veils will organically dissolve and lift off of you.  When they lift you will feel a whole new level of aliveness and excitement for your life!


Decide – Envision – Manifest

You get to choose, decide, and design your life—turn it on!

Once these veils have lifted your inspiration begins to flow and you’re ready to take your next step.

You can be whoever or whatever you long to be. What is your uniqueness, your genius? Do you feel stifled in any way? Who or what do you dream of being?

You get to change your unconscious beliefs of who you are whenever you want. It is all up to you. You are in charge.

After you decide then you begin to envision the you you dream of being. When you envision something exactly how you want it the universe manifests it for you. It really is an inside job. Thats what this training is all about, your inside job to Turn on Your Life!

You are a magical being

The concerns you have been working with will dissolve. The mists will part, so to speak, and you are manifested.

Experience Your Greatness

You will experience your most evolved self which will then manifest complete joy and love of your life. You will feel it deep inside of you.

Heal Your Wounds

You will heal your deeper wounds with several special healing processes from the healing masters of the golden and diamond light. You will release and heal old traumas.

Practice Ascension Tools

You will practice ascension tools and meditations that will expand and magnify your core essence. This is when you begin to shift.

When obstacles release and the veils lift, your pure presence emerges.

This is what ascension is. This is what you will have, be, and, do.

Your pure presence is magnificent and wondrous to all.

From this place, the life you want and imagine will create itself just by your breathing and being you.


Imagine you’ve stepped through a portal where synchronicity and flow are a given.

You’re living and creating from the quantum field where manifesting the life you dream of living has happened!

Where you have more self-love, a renewed passion for your life, and pure magic is your new normal!

This is not a fantasy.

It’s a choice. It’s not only available for some people or someday in your future… it’s for you to have an experience right now. A life that lights you up and turns you on!

Other Benefits:


Increase your self love


Strengthen your self confidence


Be deeply connected to who you are


Receive a huge boost to your energy


Glow from your inside out


Learn the basics of playing Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls for your ascension

You will experience the power, joy, and results of our unique guided healing journeys. They will open you up to explore Somatic Sound that releases, prepares, and creates a healing space within you. This will then open you to the flow of deep sacred sounds, including light language if you choose to use it.

What makes it all possible is…

When I was pondering how I could help you and my clients expand Into the great new light of your being, my guides and some wise Enlightened Masters stepped forward.

We’ve taken the best parts of my 30 years healing practice, added the latest advanced healing light technologies, Sonic Bliss journeys (Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls with guided visualizations), and a powerful new deep healing process channeled to me from Lord Sananda and Lady Nada, two renowned masters, to give you this training, Magnificence.

7-week training

All the Elements crucial to your transformation

There are 6 modules, each one lifts a veil that releases a different layer to reveal your magnificence.

These 5 weeks will be guided and co-created with a star-studded cast from the Family of Light – Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Angels, and our brilliant star neighbors the Pleiadians.

They will take you into the cosmic ocean of love and on the ascension journey, you have been longing for and didn’t know how to get there.

Meet Enlightened Masters and Archangels

The first day of the training an Enlightened Master and Archangel will come forward to be your personal teacher and guide throughout the 14 weeks.

Wisdom Wednesdays

Weekly live Zoom class to learn and practice the tools that remove the obstacles for each veil to lift. This will be done through Sylvia’s teaching, Masters teaching in meditations, guided journeys with high transmissions of light, and the Vessels of Light – Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls. 2nd week of the module is Q & A for your support.

Mastery Time

Between classes is your Mastery Time when you get to practice the simple tools you were given to advance your process. Listen to the meditation; do some light journaling; read occasional PDF resource support material; you can have unlimited email questions.

The Modules

Preparing for your journey

Wizard Tools for Your Magnificence

Learn about what you need and how to use a group of verbal and nonverbal healing tools to support your 14-week journey, ascension, and your new life.

Module 1

Your Physical body

You will receive an advanced healing with the master’s Lord Sananda and Lady Nada — The Temple of the Sphinx Healing. This is a deep and profound guided visualization journey that these two divine masters will give you along with 4 to 6 Vodial Mothers. this will happen between the paws of the Sphinx.

Module 2

Somatic to Sacred Sound

You will learn how to release through Somatic Sounds. This will open you to your personal sacred sounds. You will be given a chant for your daily meditation that will assist you in strengthening your inner core light and essence..

Module 3

Your inner world

Here you will strengthen your holy heart flame, pillar of light, and crystalline core. You will experience the new Light Technology and a forgiveness process. You will learn how to break vows and agreements to heal past and present lifetime experiences, obstacles that may be blocking you—lifting another layer of veils.

Module 4

Your Light body

Witness your light body. Now your being can activate, expand, and magnify your light body as you release more obstacles and lift the last few veils that have shrouded your Magnificence. The practice of communicating with your Soul Star, the chakra above your higher self, and the Higher Beings of Light for guidance or healing.

Module 5

Discovering Your Angelic Essence

You will learn and practice a process to discover your angelic nature and essence. You will nurture your angelic essence to integrate it into your daily life.

You will practice going to that sacred place within you, work with your guides, and the Archangels to uncover your angelic part of you so that you can live and be in this place at will. Also so that you can communicate more freely with the angels and archangels. This is a very divine place to live in.

Module 6

Your Bliss

Divine Grace. Bring it all together to create your bliss and the new you. You will do a meditation process that allows you to experience and be your Magnificence.

Winter Solstice Celebration Ceremony

As part of this group, you may join me in our Winter Solstice Celebration. Everyone may make a contribution of their gift, if they choose to participate. This will be an ensemble presentation and will be open to your friends and family to join us..

Sylvia Moss is an extraordinarily gifted healer—a compassionate and deep listener who is also highly intuitive and wise…. During every session, I always had a distinct sense that she is not working alone, but that a circle of angels, spirit guides, and higher beings are present around the table, assisting in the healing process. I come away from every session with a profound sense of well-being, clarity, centeredness, and perspective
Elizabeth Mailer


A love letter from Sylvia Ra’hanah


You are living in the greatest time in your life, a time of intense change, shifts, and growth.

Some call this the time of Great Transformation others call it the Ascension. The energy is high, strong, and fast moving. It’s a time that you will be flooded with inspiration on a regular basis.

As you may know we are in the beginning of the golden Age of Aquarius which is an age of love, caring, unity, advanced technology and more.Take advantage of this time use the energy to help you lift and ascend into the highest version of yourself. The one you long to be! 

When you know how to use this energy it will be effortless . You will be in love with your self and your life.

This is why the Magnificence Training was created—for you to ascend into the magnificence that is your life and Who You Are.

In this training as you uncover more and more of your magnificence you will become comfortable being and living from this highest version of yourself. This is what it means to live in 5D. Which is the quality of life that one needs to exist in The Aquarian Age.

This is why there is the ascension. It is the process to get you there. Your ascension doesn’t just happen to you. It is a journey, a learned process to be the highest version of yourself, your ascended self.

As of July 26, 2021 the ascension has accelerated. It is suggested that you take advantage of this new energy and jump on board. It will be an easy ride to your Magnificent life because now it will be as if you have the wind at your back for transformation.

I’m excited to be your guide on this your magnificent magical ascension journey.

Love, Sylvia Ra’hanah

VIP package

valued at $600 now for $277

1 Receive the recordings for all 5 weeks including any sound baths during the live classes.

2. A 60 mionute Ultimate Alignment Sound Healing Session with Sylvia.

3. Digital copy of Sylvia’s book Angels of New York, a meditative photographic journey. Download it to your computer. Sample view of book at SylviaMoss.com/store.

4. Your Magical Brain audio recording. Sylvia’s guided visualization  Downloaded to your computer.

Meet the facilitator

About Sylvia Moss

Sylvia Moss, Goddess of the Diamond Light, is a leading vibrational sound healer, clairvoyant, channel, and spiritual teacher. Through 30 years of working in the spiritual healing and personal development field, Sylvia’s integrity is as strong as her incredible history of getting amazing transformational results for her clients.

The success of her work is partially accredited to the relationships she has with clients which go deep into the support of their growth.

Her connection to her higher guidance is exquisitely developed so that Sylvia invokes an ease of creativity and grounded power which is the fuel that guides her clients to access their own innate wisdom with grace and ease.

She is a certified Brennan Healing Science master practitioner, Transformational Energetic therapist, Angel channel and accredited Counsel of Light Akashic Record Reader. She maintains an international healing practice and has taught different forms of healing work in several arenas. 

She taught a Healing workshop at the prestigious Conference on Medicine, Psychology, and Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. She founded and taught The Healership Training Program in Vancouver, British Columbia and New York City.

For 10 years she led the Money Support Group for LifeWorks Inc. in New York City. She was also one of their leading teachers and Guidesses (feminine coach).

Sylvia is a Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist and a Christ Emissary in the Divine University’s Long distance Healing Team. As the Keeper of the Angelic Doorways of Light her God Presence name, Ra’hanah Zaveena Raphael, means igniter of the Light from the family of Raphael.

5 Weeks Beginning November 30 on Zoom

Black Friday 3 Day Sale

Training $797 / $155

VIP $277

Please email us when you sign up so we can send you the Zoom link at Sylvia@SylviaMoss.com..
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