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It happens more than you’d like. Sometimes more than you can tolerate

Everything is cruising along nicely, and then… Bam! You get an email from a client. They want the project corrections by 9 AM tomorrow morning .

An impossible request!

You start to panic. You think, why does this keep happening to me? Damn it!

You feel your anxiety start to rise, your stomach begins to clench and churn. And your beautiful, blissful life is suddenly full of tension, fear, and anxiety.

Oh, I know just how you feel. This used to happen to me a lot. I would be feeling on top of the world and then something would throw me off. I couldn’t think straight much less be creative.

What if the next time anxiety strikes, you could easily turn it around?

What if you always had an easy way to resolve any difficulty that might arise?

What if there was a simple solution for all this? One that doesn’t require anti-anxiety drugs, a shrink, or an escape to an expensive retreat center?

If this sounds far-fetched and kinda crazy, just hang in here with me a bit. Let me tell you about….

The Angels Speak

The Angels Speak Class

Easily get answers to your burning questions when you talk to your angels 

In this masterclass you will discover how to access, communicate, and call upon the help of the angels to immediately reduce your anxiety and heal any problem, challenge, or difficulty you experience. 

This masterclass is unlike any other because it gives you the ability to easily move through your challenges and dilemmas, not with effort, strategies, or mindset tricks, but by simply calling upon the help, guidance, and wisdom of the angels.

That anxiety you used to feel—gone as soon as you request it.

This process affects your entire life.

As you’re able to handle challenges with ease you’re more relaxed, have better health, and a more positive outlook on your daily life.

Your relationships with others will shift. You’ll become more of the higher version of yourself.

The possibilities are endless. 

The angels tell you what do you need to know and what you need to do.

And the process is not only painless—it is joyful

stone angel art photo by Sylvia Moss


Your Magical Brain & The Crystal Cave – journey to blissful manifesting

Sylvia’s acclaimed guided visualization recordings. Downloaded to your computer. The Crystal Cave has an original soundtrack.

— Join us —

You’ll be delighted when you can communicate and receive guidance from the angels and archangels. You’ll have a beautiful blissful life!

  All the details are below. Get the early bird price.


 3-Weeks – Masterclass

the next level angel communication class will follow

Beings Late Spring, 2024

Time and date TBA EST


Early Bird Price $333

Full Payment $497

Email us when you sign up so we can send you the Zoom link at



Imagine living.your dream life, where you have all the time you need for the things you love. Everything flows to you easily in every area of your life without even asking.

You are living your full potential and your self confidence is grounded, while your heart is full.

No matter what the situation or circumstance, you move through with an ease and deep calm. If something challenges your peace of mind, you know how to instantly regain a strong, positive presence that is unruffled and serene at all times.

This is your natural state. Your evolved self. The highest version of you. Your ascension.

I can’t wait to guide you in speaking with your angels in The Angels Speak class because it will be so inspiring to witness you becoming the highest version of yourself so that you move through your life with confidence, ease, and a grounded calm…living a full blissful life!

Oh what joy!

Answers to some of your questions

Q: What if I am not visual or have audio skills?

A: No worries we have you covered. The angels are experts at helping you with that without you having to effort.

Q: What if I don’t know how to open myself to receive angels or hear guidance? 

A: That’s the Angel’s job. They open your ability to receive their guidance. It’s part of their energy. When they are with you, if you give them permission, they have the ability to open you to be attuned to them. You always have to give them permission. You do have to practiced for a while to become proficient. 

Q: How much time a week do you recommend that we dedicate for this class?

A: It’s always wise to spend at least hour during the week to practice some of the new skills you’ve learned some people spend a few minutes a day. It’s all an individual preference. 

For the longer weekly trainings It’s completely up to you how much time you want to give to it. Each week will be different depending on what we’re working on Usually during the week outside of class you would not have to dedicate any more time than 30 minutes to 2 hours a week I would think unless you’re doing journaling, extra meditations listening to the recordings that’s up to you.

It is recommended that during the week you do the brief assignments if there is one. Sometimes you will be asked to listen to one of the guided visualization recordings several times a week which would be about 30 minutes per recording. 

Q: What’s the significance of having Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls each week?

A: Whenever Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are played the angels immediately come in because they carry the same vibratory frequency as the angels.

When the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls are played with the angels you receive an even deeper frequency transmission. There are several spiritual and scientific reasons for this.

Mainly because they contain some of the same minerals that are in your body. We’ll go deeper into this phenomenon in class if people are interested in knowing more about it.

Meet the facilitator

About Sylvia Moss

Sylvia Moss, Goddess of the Diamond Light, is a leading vibrational sound healer, clairvoyant, channel, and spiritual teacher. Through 30 years of working in the spiritual healing and personal development field, Sylvia’s integrity is as strong as her incredible history of getting amazing transformational results for her clients.

The success of her work is partially accredited to the relationships she has with clients which go deep into the support of their growth.

Her connection to her higher guidance is exquisitely developed so Sylvia invokes an ease of creativity and grounded power which is the fuel that guides her clients to access their own innate wisdom with grace and ease.

She is a certified Brennan Healing Science master practitioner, Transformational Energetic therapist, Angel channel and accredited Counsel of Light Akashic Record Reader. She maintains an international healing practice and has taught different forms of healing work in several arenas. 

She taught a Healing workshop at the prestigious Conference on Medicine, Psychology, and Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. She founded and taught The Healership Training Program in Vancouver, British Columbia and New York City.

For 10 years she led the Money Support Group for LifeWorks Inc. in New York City. She was also one of their leading teachers and Guidesses (feminine coach).

Sylvia is a Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist and a Christ Emissary in the Divine University’s Universal Healing Team. As the Keeper of the Angelic Doorways of Light her God Presence name, Ra’hanah Zaveena Raphael, means igniter of the Light from the family of Raphael.

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