Using Crystal Singing Bowls are an effective energetic dance to summon visiting angels and open yourself to their powerful inner illumination.

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Why do We Need Angels?

The presence of angels has been documented since ancient times, and there are countless stories of angel encounters today from surgeons, truck drivers, sports figures, housewives and others. We live in a time of rapid transformation and constant change. More than ever before, we need the light, love, and guidance that angels can offer us.

One of the angels’ great gifts to us is to illuminate our true nature. Angels remind us who we are and why we are here. We are beings of light and we have come here, each of us, to grow and give our unique gift to the world. Angels remind us of this sacred life purpose, the highest good that we have come here to do.

Angels remind us that we have the ability to choose joy over suffering. They do this by sending us their energy and vibrations so that we can feel the essence of the joyous realm they live in. It’s akin to being in the presence of the Dali Lama or a great spiritual leader. You walk away and feel fantastic. In the case of angels, you must want to feel their presence and be open to the transformation or healing they have to offer you.

One of the most effective ways to connect with the angelic realm is through the use of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Playing the Singing Bowls can become an energy dance between your earthly self and the realm of the angels, creating the legendary “music of the spheres.” Since angels vibrate at the same frequency as most of these Singing Bowls, the bowls’ divine music opens a portal through which the angels can slip into our world in a powerful, loving, and expansive way.

Begin noticing the angels that are all around you, wherever you go. If you have trouble doing this, follow a traditional meditation ritual, and ask the angels to come and guide you. How do you know an angel has come? Check your feelings. If you suddenly feel joyous, if you feel your heart chakra opening, or if you feel a deep sense of peace, then an angel has probably arrived.

Should you need help, comfort, or solace, ask your angels and listen for or feel the answer. Wherever you live, wherever you happen to travel, seek angelic guidance and the angels will help you. Allow yourself a daily pause to acknowledge the presence of these “invisible” celestial beings. Meditate with the angels any time you feel stressed or depleted, and invite them to renew your spirit and replenish your energy. They are always there for you, all you need to do is ask.


Author:”Sylvia Moss is a renowned fine arts photographer and author of the book “Angels of New York,” a stunning visual journey of the spectacular displays of angels that grace New York architecture. Sylvia brings her unique perspective as an international sound and energy healer to her work. She is passionate about helping people be well and transform with the healing energy of angels. Sylvia’s angels have been exhibited in many New York and US galleries, MoMA Wales, and private collections.


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