Harness The Healing Power Of Vibrations

by Healing

Harness The Healing Power Of VibrationsFrom ancient times, we have known that sound can heal.  And today research has shown that sound heals and soothes many conditions such as broken hearts, fatigue, grief, pain and headaches to name a few.

“Pure sounds will be the healing modality of the future.”
—Edgar Cayce

Why is sound so important?
It touches us at a deep cellular level. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, says in his book “Healing with Sound,” “there’s no organ or system in the body that’s not affected by sound and music and vibration.”  Gaynor, a former Senior Oncology Consultant at The Strang Cancer Prevention Center, uses sound in his integrative approach to cancer treatment. He demonstrated Crystal Bowls on Dr. Oz show in December 2013.  Sound healing works by reinstating the correct sound pattern that will help your organs or your system return to a natural state of resonance.  The vibrations from Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls along with the vibrations in voices can be extremely soothing and healing.  For example The Rose Quartz and Emerald bowls help heal the heart.  The Ocean Gold bowl enhances the immune system and the Mother of Platinum bowl helps in working through emotional issues.  When playing Crystal Bowls many people go into deep meditation and some experience powerful visions. Others experience positive shifts in their lives.

How can you heal yourself with sound?
1. Sing. Any time, any song, as long as it’s positive. It will bring you out of a bad mood, it will give you energy. And when we feel better, our energy is stronger and we can heal. You go to a doctor or a chiropractor because you’re stuck. Sound can help you get and stay unstuck. Sound does not replace medical checkups, it enhances them.

2. Chant when you meditate. It is more powerful to have the sounds come from inside of you. First, because it is your personal vibration and to heal on all levels we need to shift our vibration. And second, because chanting takes us to a higher, more expanded spiritual level.  Many cultures around the world use rattles, drums, and chanting to shift their vibrations which begins healing on a deep cellular level.

3. Seek out a crystal bowl and play it. It is said that the bowls choose the player. See which bowl is seeking you and watch what happens – to your mood, to your well-being, and to the people around you.

Sound works with your body’s innate ability to heal. Whether you have serious issues, or would just like to feel better every day, explore the power of sound to shift your life.

Article Author: Sylvia Moss is a renowned, healer, fine arts photographer and author of the book “Angels of New York,” a stunning visual journey of the spectacular displays of angels that grace New York architecture. Sylvia brings her unique perspective as an international sound and energy healer to her work. She is passionate about helping people be well and transform with the healing energy of angels. Sylvia’s angels have been exhibited in many New York and US galleries, MoMA Wales, and private collections.


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