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December 21, 2019

Winter Solstice - Going deep within

With Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls and other Divine musical instruments

This Equinox is all about Gaia, harvesting and celebrating the growth you have created in your life.this year. We will let go of the parts that are not of use any more. This process will let the Universe know what it is we want to manifest more of!

We will invite the Archangels and Masters to support you, a very powerful vibrational process.

Do you want to feel terrific all the time?

Experience complete bliss, feel expanded, energized, healthy, and as if you literally just had a bath in sparkling effervescent Divine Light.

“WOW” you’ll be saying and feeling! You won’t want to stop smiling!!!

You are made of pure light and when you activate this pure light that you are you can sense-feel your light, live in it, and completely utilize it.

Your Light must be activated, ignited for you to receive its profound benefits, you will be able to...

  • Manifest easily
  • Use the Light for your projects and work
  • Help you with your relationships
  • Take on challenges more easily
  • Fully express your gifts

3 crucial reasons for activating your Divine Light’s frequency

  • You will feel incredible.
  • Because there will be more Divine Light in your body and energy field than ever before.
  • Your body, organs, energy field–EVERYTHING will work at their optimum

Activating your Divine Light puts you in the highest frequency possible—the quantum potency of Light, it becomes part of you!

This Divine Light High Frequency Activation will include...

  • Shamanic musical instruments to clear and open your light portals
  • Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls that will immerse you in the their highest Divine frequencies
  • A deep spiritual process to support you to receive the high frequency transmissions.
  • Loving support and guidance of the Archangels, angels, and Enlightened Masters- the team of Light

The sky’s the limit when you work with the Enlightened Masters, Archangels, and angels. They are also known as 5th dimension healing energy’s.

Early Bird price is $30 through September 20.  Price increases September 21 and is $40 cash-only at the door

Seating is limited due to the nature of this work

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