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January 7, 2020

Angels, Ascension and You - A Masterclass in Healing

6-week online experiential class via Zoom

Are you a spiritual being living in a human body? This class will help you re-train yourself so you will not be triggered by human stresses that cause illness, emotional upsets, and depression.

  • You will experience and learn how you can deal with and release your challenges and blocks and ground in a joyful way.
  • You will discover and learn how you can have your dreams and desires.
  • Your mind and body will be soothed and quieted from the swirling of the fast energy bombarding all humans on the planet today.
  • Your frequency will rise, you will go to a deeper spiritual place where your healing will take place,
  • Your stress and the fast energy that affect you negatively will diminish.

This course will be delivered in 4 levels. The first 6 weeks will be level 1 - Healing Your Challenges.

More details to follow.


Course fee: $397



Artwork by Daniel Holeman

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