The Enchanted Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

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Meet another version of yourself. Your Divine self.

When I first encountered Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls I was totally enchanted. I felt like I was on another plane of existence. I couldn’t get enough of them. I played my bowls over and over again.

Whenever I played the bowls I would say to myself—the sounds and the music are the same each time I play, but something strange and wonderful happens inside of me. It is a different feeling than when I meditate.

Then I began making up little melodies and I began singing with the bowls and something remarkable happened. My voice began to open up my range got wider and purer. At times it became very angelic!.

I had not taken singing lessons in years. I realized it was the bowls, they opened me up and sometimes when I sang with them I felt like I was soaring. I was opening into higher realms and dimensions. My channeling journeys got more otherworldly and fanciful.

It was magnificent. I was enchanted, my clients would go into bliss, and deep healing took place that was far beyond my realm. Not only that, it is also super joyful.

What makes these bowls so powerful and enchanting?

High-frequency transmissions

Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls are the top high-frequency sound and healing tools available anywhere.

This is why it is so important to play and listen, live, to crystal singing bowls because the crystalline of the bowl is alive, is you, and is in you.

When you play Alchemy Crystal Bowls you are transported to a high dimension and receive transmissions of divine grace.

If the person playing can not support that the quality of energy you will not receive it. This is one of the reasons some bowls feel like you have gone into another dimension.

One could say it is like with any musical instrument, it will sound different depending on who is playing. With the Alchemy bowls, it goes a quantum leap higher because you are working with and emanating high-frequency transmissions and deep healing vibrations and overtones.

This is the frequency in which you make that longed-for shift in your life.

In the blink of your eye, this high frequency leads to miracles, abundance, health, and wellbeing.

Then when you add the alchemy of semi-precious and precious stones or metals you receive an even higher frequency transmission or level of healing. This becomes light technology in a pure form.

So when you hear, feel or bathe in Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls your body resonates, shimmers with that crystalline sound and being.

Magic Happens!

Why Crystal Singing Bowls? 

Because they heal your body at the cellular level!

Crystal Singing bowls have a direct effect on your body. They take you to a higher dimension and frequency. The bowls can even shift and change your cellular and DNA structure when played often enough.

Your body is crystalline in structure, so when a Crystal Singing Bowl is played a chemical resonance is activated within you.

Find your Bowl Mate!

Enjoy the high frequencies!

Be enchanted! Be Transformed!


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