What’s in your Cocoon?

by Angels

During this Covid-19 isolation do you feel you are in a cocoon? Some of my friends are talking about this.

We are in a cocoon.

It feels like something wonderful is gestating. And it feels big like I have to move fast to make sure I clear all my stuff so I can be all squeaky clean and yet, I am craving the silence the wise ones are recommending. Does this resonate?

The beginning of the age of Aquarius is right around the corner so maybe that is what this preparing is all about.

In any event, love your cocoon. Heal and release your wounds. Open a new level of love for yourself. Rest, eat well, laugh a lot, commune with your Higher Self and your Divine Self.

Call on an Angel, Archangel, or Master for guidance or just loving comfort. They are all there to help and guide you!

Your cocoon is for you to transform in.

Let me know how you’re cocooning.

Have a beautiful weekend!

In love and gratitude, Sylvia Ra’hanah

PS If you have the urge to listen to some lovely meditations I have some posted here on my website under Resources/videos. They are there for you. xoxo


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