From archangels of the past to modern angels of the here and now, discover the connection between the angel’s purpose and our benefits on earth.

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Among the three most well-known Archangels, Gabriel stands out as the only female in the otherwise male or androgynous pantheon of high-ranking angels. She is credited with acts of mercy, truth, conception and revelation, as well as vengeance and death. She announced the birth of Christ to the Virgin Mary, dictated the Koran to Mohammed, inflamed Joan’s devotion to the Dauphin of France. In more recent times, Gabriel visited Father George Rapp, leader of the Second Advent Community in New Harmony, Indiana, leaving footsteps on a limestone slab. She governs the seas, streams, glaciers, mist, and vapor. Communicating through intuition, she serves as protector of dreams, infants, and unspoken messages of the psyche. Revered for sparking the creativity of many of today’s artists, she is linked most closely with sacred music, liturgical dance, and the expressive therapies.

The second most celebrated angel is Archangel Raphael, known as Regent of the Sun, the Shining One Who Heals, and the medicine of God. Guardian of the Tree of Life, Raphael is the angel of prayer, peace, joy, light, and love. Said to be the friendliest angel, he appears in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, where he has an affable chat with Adam and Eve, warning them of sin. Bearer of science and knowledge, he delights in bringing health, happiness, and joy wherever he goes. Rudolph Steiner wrote extensively about the Archangels. Some Steiner experts claim that Raphael inspired him to discover anthroposophical medicine. Although he communicates through touch, Raphael is also associated with sophisticated medical research, including MRI and CAT scans. The Off-Broadway stage play Tobias and the Angel reenacts the biblical story of Raphael’s healing and befriending of Tobias’s family.

If you have grown up in a Judeo-Christian setting, then you have grown up with angels—or at least with angel lore. The study of angels is deeply rooted in the spiritual cosmology not only of Judaism and Christianity, but also of Islam. In fact, humankind’s purest relationship with angels, according to scholars of religion, appears in the Islamic tradition of Sufism, which was partially inspired by the Iranian prophet Zoroaster. In Zoroaster’s description of the angelic realm, the winged messengers’ gifts are invested with the power of God.

When we know who the angels and Archangels are, it gives us the ability to tune into them and makes connecting with them a little easier. If, in your daily meditation, you want to have a personal communication with the angels, you can follow the meditation guidelines in Blog post: “How to summon angels and absorb the healing from angelic meditation”.

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!


Author: Sylvia Moss is a renowned fine arts photographer and author of the book “Angels of New York,” a stunning visual journey of the spectacular displays of angels that grace New York architecture. Sylvia brings her unique perspective as an international sound and energy healer to her work. She is passionate about helping people be well and transform with the healing energy of angels. Sylvia’s angels have been exhibited in many New York and US galleries, MoMA Wales, and private collections.


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