The angelic world of spiritual support can lead to spiritual healing. Is it really possible to meet the angels among us?

by Angels

Have You Met Your Angel Yet?

Did you know angels are here to help us, you and I, any time we need or ask them for help. They are here to make our life easier, more joyful, more productive. May the following stories encourage you to look more consciously to the loving, joyous angelic world for spiritual support.

Angels inhabit the invisible world of energy and spirit that always surrounds us. To connect with an angel, we need to consciously tune in to this invisible world. As an energy healer, I tune in every day, and my work is often assisted by angels and healing guides. When an angel is near I feel a profound sense of peace come over me. Then in my mind’s eye I see the angel like a memory or a dream. Although they appear to us in many forms, angels are essentially pure consciousness and light. When an artist crafts a rendering of an angel, the result is a visual interpretation of that angelic essence.

In 1996, I witnessed my friend Ann’s subtle, yet extraordinary, experience with angels. Ann wanted to see a statue I had photographed—an exquisite, life-size rendering of Joan of Arc in white marble, by the renowned 1920s sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington. AS we stood in front of the sculpture, Ann began a silent conversation with Joan of Arc, feeling her sadness and loneliness. After an intense half hour, Ann tried to leave, but felt herself pulled back to the statue. Only when she assured Joan she would return for another visit was the restraining energy released. As we walked away, I touched Ann’s arm to soothe her. Later, Ann thanked me for putting my arm around her. Astonished, I told I had only touched her lightly on her arm. We realized that another being had consoled her. Whether the being was an angel or Joan of Arc herself is not important; what matters is the ready availability of assistance by loving spirits from the invisible world.

While studying healing in the 1980s, I attended a private session with my teacher, Barbara Brennan. Halfway into the session, she began to sing a lovely melody. In her healing work she often used sound and tone, but I had never heard her sing. With a start, I recognized the melody—one I had made up and sometimes sang to myself. At the end of the session, she told me that as she worked with me, “a band of five frolicking angels” had flown into the room singing; she had picked up the tune to accompany them. I told her about my melody, and we realized that the singing angels were my guides.

Once, while consulting by telephone with a six-year-old diabetic in Germany, I looked up to see an incredibly beautiful angel standing in front of me. She wore a creamy white dress flowing with peach and green ribbons. I felt the power of her presence as she waved her arms gently, sending us energy and love. A few weeks later the little girl sent me several drawings, depicting the very angel I had seen during our session.

May these stories awaken that part of you that knows how to tune to angels and have their support and healing. That is their job. The healing of one person contributes to the healing of the planet and from there the entire universe.


Author: Sylvia Moss is a renowned, healer, fine arts photographer and author of the book “Angels of New York,” a stunning visual journey of the spectacular displays of angels that grace New York architecture. Sylvia brings her unique perspective as an international sound and energy healer to her work. She is passionate about helping people be well and transform with the healing energy of angels. Sylvia’s angels have been exhibited in many New York and US galleries, MoMA Wales, and private collections.


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