Calm in the Chaos

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Begins February 10, 2021

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Are you a spiritual person who still gets stressed out and overwhelmed in chaotic or challenging situations?

Would you like to be able to release your stress, easily handle challenges, and drop into deep inner peace on-demand any time you need it?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, in 7 weeks or less, is to learn simple creative tools so that you can experience calm in the chaos, thrive not just survive, and truly enjoy your beautiful life.

Upgrade your life for the extraordinary new Age of Aquarius with the help of the Angels and Family of Light.


Calm in the Chaos

Activate your Innate Wisdom, Expand your Divine Light, Develop deeper Inner Peace
live online Masterclass with Sylvia Moss and the Archangels
  • Stay calm and clear-headed in any difficult situation
  • Be able to tell yourself stories of positive outcomes
  • Don’t get triggered by whatever is going on around you
  • Experience joy, health and long-lasting energy shifts through cellular and DNA structure re-alignment
  • Experience a whole new way of being, free of worries and stress.
  • Undergo deep and profound transformation of your unconscious through meditations and the Angels’ energy healing
  • Receive high-frequency energy transmissions from the Angels
Interacting with Sylvia “is like being in a Masterclass”. Sylvia Moss is an enlightened, inspiring spiritual teacher. She skillfully illuminates calmness and clarity…. Her intuitiveness when accessing higher awareness offers enriching tools helping her clients find joy and peace.
Susan Stackpole

YOUnique! Life Starring YOU! International Radio Show Creator & Host

Many people have played crystal singing bowls in my presence. When Ra’hanah (Sylvia) plays, I am immediately transported beyond my mind. I relax deeply, my body disappears and I am lifted higher and higher. In that place I pray for the music to never stop – a pure divine experience in the presence of a heart who has mastered the art.
AmaYa Ma Kumara

Spiritual Teacher & Akashic Record Reader - Divine University

Upgrade. Ascend. Transform.

Turn your challenges into a spiritual awakening
Learn to ascend into your Divine Self permanently
Create a life of joy and ease, filled with angelic energy

Each week you will work on and explore your stresses and challenges—you will…

  • Dig into what your challenges are and how they affect you on deeper levels (like your health)
  • Dissect and dissolve your upsets
  • Envision a new way of being
  • Create new beliefs that will change your life
  • Interact with an Angel who will facilitate the release and healing of energies that have inhibited your growth

You will connect to the earth for your ultimate support through the Angels, the elders and masters: the higher Beings of Light, guided visualizations, and sacred sounds and ceremonies for your wholeness.

Unleash magical discoveries and experiences through..

  • Meditation
  • Small weekly group mentoring
  • Unique storytelling processes
  • Guided visualization journeys
  • Envisioning the new you in creative time
  • Private journaling
  • Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and shamanic sounds
Sylvia Moss is an extraordinarily gifted healer—a compassionate and deep listener who is also highly intuitive and wise…. During every session, I always had a distinct sense that she is not working alone, but that a circle of angels, spirit guides, and higher beings are present around the table, assisting in the healing process. I come away from every session with a profound sense of well-being, clarity, centeredness, and perspective
Elizabeth Mailer


Sylvia is an Angel Whisperer.
Linda Flynt

entrepreneur and mentor

About Sylvia Moss

Sylvia Moss, Goddess of the Diamond Light, is a leading vibrational sound healer, clairvoyant, channel, and spiritual teacher. Through 30 years of working in the spiritual healing and personal development field, Sylvia’s integrity is as strong as her incredible history of getting amazing transformational results for her clients.

The success of her work is partially accredited to the relationships she has with clients which go deep into the support of their growth.

Her connection to her higher guidance is exquisitely developed so that Sylvia invokes an ease of creativity and grounded power which is the fuel that guides her clients to access their own innate wisdom with grace and ease.

She is a certified Brennan Healing Science master practitioner, Transformational Energetic therapist, Angel channel and accredited Counsel of Light Akashic Record Reader. She maintains an international healing practice and has taught different forms of healing work in several arenas. 

She taught a Healing workshop at the prestigious Conference on Medicine, Psychology, and Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. She founded and taught The Healership Training Program in Vancouver, British Columbia and New York City.

For 10 years she led the Money Support Group for LifeWorks Inc. in New York City. She was also one of their leading teachers and Guidesses (feminine coach).

Sylvia is a Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist and a Christ Emissary in the Divine University’s Long distance Healing Team. As the Keeper of the Angelic Doorways of Light her God Presence name, Ra’hanah Zaveena Raphael, means igniter of the Light from the family of Raphael.

As all the stress and fast spinning outside energy stop…

  • Your frequency will rise
  • You will transform
  • You will heal whatever is blocking the next step in your life

When you are in this peaceful zone you have clarity of heart and mind. Here you will be able to think clearly and be in touch with your beautiful heart. This is where you will be calm in the midst of any chaos.

You will know how to be a master of your life’s surprises, challenges, and human experiences.


Become the master of your domain!

The angels and I invite you to join us for this rich empowering Masterclass to be the highest version of yourself.

You will also receive these bonuses

Bonus 1

A private Mentoring / coaching session with Sylvia for the first 3 people who pay in full by January 26, 2021

Bonus 2

A copy of the guided visualization recording The Crystal Cave – Journey into Blissful Manifesting

Bonus 3

A digital copy of the acclaimed photography book Angels of New York, a meditative photographic journey

Calm in the Chaos

7 week live online Masterclass
Begins February 10, 2021

via Zoom

Exchange: $497.

Register today!

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