Angel of Release – Angel of the Week

by Angel of the Week

Your Angel for this Week is Angel of Release

Your angel this week jumped out when I asked who wanted to be your angel this week. She is Angel of Release which is definitely what needs to happen to the whole world right now. And she has a lot to say about it below.

Before she speaks to you she wanted you to know about last night’s premiere of the Angel of the Week Facebook live weekly gathering.

The 7 Archangels were in attendance along with compassionate Quan Yin who gave us a divine heart-opening invocation message.

The energy for the hour was a very subtle sparkling high frequency with Archangels Michael and Raphael joining Release in the powerful release, heal, purify meditation. A very Druidic Avalonesque experience.

Angel of Release’s message on the card is:

Release negative thinking and stories. Create Light-filled positive thoughts that strengthen you. This will support you and raises your frequency.

For this week she goes on to say…

“Your people need me right now. it is so imperative for your planet’s population experiencing this Covid-19 virus, to release. To destroy it.

Release the toxins of the virus. Release the toxins that created this virus and release any fear or fear-based thoughts. This is all done through your heart.

You will feel exceptionally better and your body’s immune system will be so much stronger.

You human beings are very strong when you need to be. When you set your minds and hearts to it.

I would like to also remind you that Springtime is the time to detox. Therefore Gaia supports you in cleansing and purifying your body, mind, and spirit right now. We bid you to please take advantage of this support.

Sylvia has some great recipes for detoxing. I have reminded her to send these out to you.

This is a very important time for your growth and enlightenment, use it well and listen for our nudges.

I will leave you for now. If you need my support or wisdom please call my name and I will be at your service.

I love you and bow to you.”

Please take Angel of Release’s wisdom to heart and put it into action. I believe it will serve you well.

I hope this was beneficial to you. Thank you for coming.

Love, Sylvia Ra’hanah

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