Angels of Light & Inner Peace – Angels of the Week

by Angel of the Week, Angels

Your Angels for this Week is Angel of Light and Angel of Inner Peace

This is a special week for the angels. They felt that it was time to bring out all the angelic realm.

When these two angels came forward to be with you this week I asked them if they would rather have one this week and one next week.

They assured me that they needed to be together because that was what you needed. Light and Inner Peace. That “they were here to serve you“.

Then when we did the meditation on the Facebook Live, Angel of the Week, I was blown away with the gifts they gave us. I encourage you to listen to the Angels of Light & Inner Peace – Angel of the Week Meditation, April 3.

Today’s beautiful twin angel messages are:

Angel of Light:

It’s time to commit to expanding your Core Light every night before you go off to sleep. Your life will soon be filled with grace and ease.


“Dear ones your Core Light is also called your inner pillar of light that runs through the center of your body between your heart chakra and your spine.

It keeps you connected to your divine self. This is so essential at this time that you are living through. It is the pilot flame for your Ascension.

You want to have an active strong expanded Core Light for living in 5D. We invite you to listen to our meditation on Sylvia’s website for the Divine gift that we gave you.

It is a powerful high frequency light filled meditation tool for your healing and ascension”.

Angel of Inner Peace:

You need inner peace to live on the earth plane. Meditate daily or sit and attune to me 5 or more minutes a day. Your life will change!

“I am most honored to be with you this week. I speak with you on the inner plane rather than verbally. I invite you to commune with me there. I also want to encourage you to listen to our meditation on Sylvia’s website.

Please remember that we are here to serve you at any time, for your needs, and for your highest good. You are loved and cherished.

Peace be with you.”

Until next week be safe, healthy, and well.

Love, Sylvia Ra’hanah

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